Before you go on a CSETI training or join a CE-5 working group, a little preparation is necessary. Here is everything you need to get started.

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Basic Preparation

Audio Materials

Working group tones and more guided meditation are available at the Sirius Disclosure store.

Helpful Links


1. DO NOT use public land or federal land for a field site to do your contact work. We suggest that you use private property, with permission, and sometimes state parks in the United States can be good locations. Just make sure you find out if you need a permit, especially for groups of more than just a few people.

2. Except for the instructor, we are not using lasers during CSETI trainings. It is best if you minimize using them during your own field work and be very careful not to hit any aircaft or anyone in the eyes. It is best that just one person in the group be the person that uses the laser to signal.