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Thank you for supporting the STAR LLC New Energy Lab!

Total donations raised: $241,000

(Updated April 9, 2014)

NOTE: This amount is reduced by 35% for state and federal taxes that must be paid at the end of the year.

In order to research, develop and bring to the public a practical, working zero point energy system, we need a professionally staffed facility composed of the best engineers, physicists and researchers in the world.

We estimate that this can be done over a two year period at a nominal cost of $6.3 million for the initial R and D portion of the project.

In the past we have provided grants to individuals working on their own but have not found this approach fruitful. In order to provide the security, support and synergism needed to develop the best possible new energy system we need a well equipped lab and research facility.

The laboratory cannot be opened until the full amount has been raised. If we do not reach the stated goal of $6.3 million we will use these funds to continue to provide crucial education and research into the subject.


For inventors:

Until we have a fully functional lab with a testing facility we do not have the means to either test an existing device or manufacture a prototype.

The one exception might be if you have the following:

1)      A fully functional built CLOSED LOOP device …that  once started the device will recharge its start-up power system while running a load.

2)      You provide transparent testing results from an independent source.

3)      You are willing to bring the device to Virginia at your expense and have it tested transparently.   That you provide full and complete plans so it could be reproduced.  (Of course proper non-disclosure agreements would be signed by all parties.)

Click here for more information about our requirements.


Please note that contributions to the STAR LLC New Energy lab are NOT tax deductible.




Estimated Budget



Year 1:

1. Personnel -19 full time: Includes payroll taxes, health insurance etc: Engineers, Physicists, Electrical Technicians, Machinists, Clerical/Office, Project Managers, Lab Director

$2.1 million


2. Lab Equipment, Specialized (custom-built) very high voltage electronics, analyzers, machining equipment, work stations, supplies, maintenance, other facility build-out



3. Facility Rent and Utilities, office supplies:



4. Travel



5.Legal and Accounting/book keeping:



6. Outside/Visiting Consultants



7. Misc. , Business Insurance:



Total: $2,869,000

10% Contingency = $287,000


Grand Total Year 1: 3,155,900



Year 2:

Personnel: Increase by 2 full time:

$2.3 million


Additional Equipment, Maintenance, Replacement etc:



Facility Rent, Utilities, supplies:






Legal, Accounting, Book keeping:



Outside Consulting/Research:



Outside Independent Prototype Testing and Replication:



Misc., Business Insurance etc:



Total: $2,860,000

10% Contingency: $286,000


Grand Total Year 2: $3,146,000



Total Years 1 and 2 = $6,301,900