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The Federation of American Scientists published an extremely important article  in October 2010 entitled Invention Secrecy Still tesla towerGoing Strong. It comes from a mainstream organization and corroborates information The Orion Project has presented.


We are constantly asked, “If better energy systems exist, why are they not available for public use?” The article above addresses one reason: The systematic suppression of energy inventions by abuse of the national security provisions of U.S. law. This means that thousands of inventions have been suppressed- and more than that number through national security orders not issued via the patent process. This is why the Orion Project has a specific strategy to develop and bring out to the public such energy inventions: One that stands up to these abuses. With your help we can do it!


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Telsa Stubblefield


Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell

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meyer split water

Meyer car 08



Mark McCandlish Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) Diagram

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McCandlish diagram McCandlish ARV-Colored  copy

 Kowsky-Frost Levitation Experiment



kowsky frost schematic

In 1919, Dr. Kowsky and his assistant, Engineer Frost, succeeded in performing a levitation experiment using charged quartz crystals.

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Kowsky Lab

kowsky frost imageKowsky Frost














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