Free ET Contact Network App

New and Free !!!

The ET Contact Networking App!

We now have 2 apps. Please read carefully below to understand the uses for each one.

ET Contact Networking App

This is an app to connect with people in your area or around the world.  This is the new app and it is free.

People from all over the world are always asking us how to get together.  A wonderful volunteer team took this to heart and has created this app. Thank you so much!  They are donating the server costs and their time to support it.  It is available for Android and iPhone.

IMPORTANT instructions:

When you go to the app website for the 1st time:
1) Find  “create an account” in blue below the log in space
2) Click there and then register your information.
3) Then you can  find all those nearby who have also downloaded the app.
When you first click on the app it will show your location.  Zoom out and you will see your country and the world with the CSETI logo triangle showing where people are located. Of course, right now we are just announcing it so there may not be that many people who show up.  That is changing quickly as more and more people find out about it and sign up.
4) If you want to be able to network with others under privacy settings you will need to allow your email or phone/text info to show.  This app does not support texting contact within the app.
5) Right now each time you get on it will place you at the place on the globe where the last person registered.  Its fun to see this growing globally and to get back to your home address simply zoom out and then zoom back in to your area.

(The developers will try to adjust this so that it always goes back to your home address.)

Use this app for:
Forming contact groups
Discussion groups
Groups to promote the “Sirius” film” to raise money for the energy lab

When you go to click “create an account”.
On the registration page there is a short description on how you may want to use the app there but it mainly relies on your creativity as to how you want to get together with like minded people.

IF YOU ARE HAVING TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WITH THE APP,  please contact the developers thru  Go to the info section and then scroll down to  Please do NOT write to us at, the Facebook page or Twitter.  We do not have the expertise to fix it.
Please note:  the volunteer developers are managing the app website but have very limited time.  Please only contact them with urgent questions regarding basic functionality.


ET Contact Tool

This is the app we have had for a long time.
It is a FULL and very complete training program by Dr. Greer on how to make contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations.  Please click here for all the details about what it includes.
It has instructions from Dr. Greer describing the CE-5 contact protocols, guided meditations, photos from contact experiences and so much more.  Everything you need to learn about how to make contact.

This app is available for Android and iPhone thru the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.
You can follow the link from for your particular device.

In summary:
We have 2 different apps with 2 different purposes.
ET Contact Network app – to connect with people around the globe
ET Contact Tool – a comprehensive course in how to make contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations using the CE-5 protocols.

Combine these two
And you will have all you need to form a group and reach out to the stars in Universal Peace!