“Unless Otherwise Directed” – UNOD – letter


UFO/ET secrecy is complex and so is an effective strategy for Disclosure.  Dr. Greer has been working on resolving this problem since the early 1990s when he started meeting with top secret military and government witnesses and holding government briefings including the 1993 meeting with then CIA Director, James Woolsey and other meetings with numerous members of Congress and very senior Pentagon officials.

 One of the most important parts of this strategy is the UNOD letter.

There is a military/government strategy that the format of this letter follows.  Please read it and the follow up letter carefully. (Click here for UNOD letter. Click here for follow up letter.)  This type of letter states that ,  “Unless Otherwise Directed” one may legally proceed with the actions presented in the letter with the implied consent of those receiving the letter – in this case the declaration that the secrecy oaths of those involved with unacknowledged, constitutionally illegal UFO projects were themselves null and void and that military and government top secret witnesses and documents could be disclosed without penalty.  Since the underlying projects themselves were managed illegally – and we proceeded as if they were- -  then witnesses to those projects were free to speak publicly about them without legal repercussions or violations of the secrecy laws.

The UNOD letter was written in November 1996.  The follow-up letter was written January 1, 1997.   In  April of 1997, Dr. Greer held the first of several Disclosure conferences in Washington DC . This first one was for members of Congress, the Pentagon and officials in the Clinton administration.

At that time it was not called “The Disclosure Project” but was called “Project Starlight”.

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DC Workshop – March 29, 2015Dr. Greer's New Year's Message 2015

Special DC Afternoon Workshop with Dr. Greer!

DC workshop – Sunday March 29, 2015

The amazing real story behind Disclosure:
The history you have never heard.

Dr. Steven Greer is recognized as the father of the modern Disclosure movement.
Find out the real story behind Disclosure.

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Dr. Greer on The People Speak

Tuesday February 24, 2015 – 6-7pm Pacific/9-10pm ET

Dr. Greer will be discussing:
1) The amazing sighting at Vero Beach FL  (click here to see.)
2) The Podesta-Obama-Disclosure Project connection  (click here to read about the connection)
3) The collaboration with Steve Alten, New York Times best selling author.  Click here).

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Obama Advisor Regrets not pushing DisclosureTake Back America

“Senior Obama Advisor and Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta regrets that he has not been able to effect official UFO Disclosure.

Click here for original article on Yahoo News

Dr. Steven Greer is now confirming for the very first time that it was John Podesta to whom he provided the extensive briefing on UFOs shortly after President Obama took office in 2009 (see cover letter to President Obama (

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Twin ET Crafts Filmed Jan. 27, 2015VB-Crafts

These golden objects at the CE-5 event (see for info on CE-5s) were viewed with very advanced night vision binoculars. There were NO boats or ships seen anywhere in the area of the objects and there were no jets or planes or other airborne objects anywhere near the objects before, during or after the event. There was no smoke which would be seen from flares. They emerged in this dimension suddenly and did not drift or move laterally in the direction of the wind, which was gusty at times. A flare with a small parachute would have visibly drifting significantly to the south during the long duration of the sighting. They were seen in the area of fast-moving and appearing UFOs that were not filmed but were seen the prior evening.

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New interview with Dr. Greerdrjandyilias_logo

Don’t miss the latest interview with Dr. Steven Greer on Dr. J Radio, part of the Dark Matter radio network!

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New Documents: Eisenhower MAJI BriefingMAJIC

Dr. Steven Greer: “The MJ-12 papers is a contingency plan to test the public’s reaction to the information.
I have a friend who said this to me who was in the Navy.  Majesty files are the real ones.  He also told me about the code word “Poderosa” and why the executive order on the MJ-12 papers is wrong.  They did it for a reason.  And ___________ project Grudge Blue Book Report #13 is 100% real.  Lt Col. Friend told this to me when I took him to dinner here in Lakewood near my home in 2011.”

Click here to download the Briefing w/ commentary by Dr. Greer (zip file format)

Dr. Greer on Caravan to Midnight

Tune in to hear Dr. Greer on Caravan to Midnight, Wed. January 14, 2015 at 3pm EST at www.CaravanToMidnight.comOrange-CTM-Logo

Listen as John and Dr. Greer discuss the discovery of new documents relating to Disclosure, are they new information, or dis-information?

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Dr. Greer’s New Year’s Message 2015Dr. Greer's New Year's Message 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I would like to thank all of your for your support during the past year. 2014 was a year that saw many challenges, first with my dear friend Carol DeLuca being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and then in June my beloved wife Emily being stricken with Stage 4 Lymphoma.

Through all this, so many of you have shared your thoughts and prayers and loving support and I would like to thank each and every one of you. How wonderful that both Carol and Emily are free of any active cancer and miraculously are healthy and doing great! We are so thankful!

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Dr. Greer to appear on Conscious Evolution Radio

Dr. Greer is pleased to appear on this very special episode of Conscious Evolution Radio with Ann Gelsheimer.CER

Listen Live on Friday, December 5th from 5 pm Pacific time/ 8 pm Eastern time.  After that, a recording of the show

will be available for people to listen to anytime and also there will be the option of downloading the interview through iTunes.

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Fantastic News!

Sirius can now be discovered on @GaiamTV! You can also find it on iTunes, Xbox, Amazon, and through your local cable provider. I invite you to watch Sirius through these convenient channels.


E-Cat Results Publishedisometric


 New results are presented from an extended experimental investigation of anomalous heat production in a special type of reactor tube operating at high temperatures. The reactor, named E-Cat, is charged with a small amount of hydrogen-loaded nickel powder plus some additives, mainly Lithium. The reaction is primarily initiated by heat from resistor coils around the reactor tube. Measurements of the radiated power from the reactor were performed with high-resolution thermal imaging cameras. The measurements of electrical power input were performed with a large bandwidth three-phase power analyzer. Data were collected during 32 days of running in March 2014. The reactor operating point was set to about 1260ºC in the first half of the run, and at about 1400 °C in the second half. The measured energy balance between input and output heat yielded a COP factor of about 3.2 and 3.6 for the 1260ºC and 1400ºC runs, respectively.

The total net energy obtained during the 32 days run was about 1.5 MWh. This amount of energy is far more than can be obtained from any known chemical sources in the small reactor volume.

Click here to read the full scientific article!

Special DC Afternoon Workshop with Dr. Greer!jefferson-memorial

DC workshop – Sunday November 9, 2014 

 The Crossing Point of Light

-The Crossing Point of Light – The new physics of interstellar travel and communication and how it relates to thought and consciousness.

-The Science of Consciousness and higher states of consciousness and how it applies to us & to Interstellar Civilizations and their technologies

-Why the key to contact with ETs is understanding the nature of mind, thought and trans-dimensional physics.

-  How you can learn the skills for making Contact and more.


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New Air Force Document Mentions Project Aquarius

We have received a new Air Force Office of Special Investigations document that mentions Project Aquarius. This document arrived June 4, 2014 and is from a highly credible source.
The document also mentions Majestic Twelve and other operations as well as the analysis of a number of films and pictures of UFOs.
It also admits that the US Air Force uses various “covers” for collecting UFO reports.
including the UFO reporting center.
Project Aquarius and more

Project Aquarius and more



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Sirius, the world's first crowd-funded documentary is now available to purchase on DVD and for streaming and on-demand viewing

Sirius, the world’s first crowd-funded documentary is now available to purchase on DVD and for streaming and on-demand viewing



BREAKING NEWS: Project Aquarius document release

On May 21, 2014, we received a cache of Top Secret documents related to “Project Aquarius” , a purported Majestic 12 (MJ-12) covert project related to UFOs/ETs.

Previously, summaries of the documents have appeared on the Internet. However, we received photos of the actual documents. To our knowledge, this the first time the ACTUAL (not just a transcript) of the full cache of documents has been released .  These documents, as well as their transcription… CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO CONTINUE

Project Aquarius Documents


Dr. Greer LIVE on Thirdphaseofmoon

Dr. Greer live this Thursday 8-9pm ET on Thirdphaseofmoon radio on Revolution Radio Studio A; listen live directly by CLICKING HERE.

Or listen via live365, speaker or the station directly at studio A. And watch out for an amazing video of the interview on the Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube channel within a week of airing!



Contact Retreat with Dr. Greer

Monday afternoon August 11, 2014 thru and including Saturday night August 16, 2014 departing the morning of the 17th. (No sessions on the 17th.)

This is an extraordinary opportunity to spend time with Dr. Greer.

This week long intensive is limited to about 25 registrants and provides for an intensive training program with Dr. Greer.

It is also a true expedition, where each night we will go out under the stars for 4-5 hours to make Contact using the very effective CE-5 Contact Protocols.

During this intensive training program you will learn…



$100,000 STAR Challenge and Award

Dear Friends and Supporters of Sirius,

On the one year anniversary of the launch of “Sirius”, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, which has made “Sirius” the most successful crowd funded documentary film in history!

On this one year anniversary, Earth Day 2014, we are announcing the STAR Challenge and Award. While we have not raised enough funds to open a professional research and development lab, thanks to your generosity we have enough funds to announce this new Award of $100,000… (Click here to continue)


DeLuca Cancer Fund

Original CSETI/Disclosure Project Board member and long-time friend L. Carol DeLuca has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that is now in multiple places throughout her body.
Carol is one of my oldest and dearest friends- we met my first year of college, a few months after the encounter I had with ETs in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC…(Click below to continue)


Dr. Greer interview on Cosmic Truth

Dr. Greer is pleased to appear on Cosmic Truth with Janine Regan-Sinclair. The show will be available on March 12, 2014 live at 1pm EST and will be available to listen anytime after in the archive at 2pm EST. Anyone may listen in live or after the show. Instructions for listening live can be found by visiting this direct link to the location of the live broadcast, which will be the same link to follow if you choose to listen after it airs. We thank Janine and Cosmic Truth! UPDATE: Cosmic Truth has moved to YouTube! Click below!

Cos Tru Title

Dr. Greer visits The Unexplained

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Dr. Greer To Appear on Dark Matter Radio Network

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New Dr. Greer Interview with Higherside Chats


Dr. Greer To Appear on RT’s Breaking The Set

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Dr. Greer’s Message for the New Year

Dr. Greer has a special message for 2014…



 New Witness Video: Hon. Paul Hellyer



New Witness Video: Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden



 New Interview with Dr. Greer


Dr. Greer just did this great interview with ThirdPhaseOfMoon. Give it a listen! Part One: Part Two:


Dr. Greer on Art Bell’s “Dark Matter”

SMG on Art BellArt Bell celebrates his triumphant return to talk radio with a special three hour interview with Dr. Steven Greer. Tune in to Sirius XM 104 tonight (September 17, 2013) at 7 PM Pacific (10 PM Eastern) or go to


Australia CE-5 Training Photos

Dr. Greer hosted a CE-5 event on the Gold Coast in Australia, August 17th and 18th. You can see the incredible pictures from it on the SMERF website.


‘Sirius’ Australia Premiere

Dr. Greer will host the Australia premiere of “Sirius” followed by his lecture – “The Promise of Universal Peace.”

7 PM, August 16th, 2013 Bond University on the Gold Coast Basil Sellers Theater Tickets: $50 USD Click here for more information and tickets.


‘Sirius’ Las Vegas Premiere

Dr. Greer Will Present at the MUFON Symposium in July, Followed by a Screening of ‘Sirius’

At the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas (July 18 – 21), Dr. Steven Greer will be featured as a speaker on July 20th. Later that night, he will personally host a screening of ‘Sirius.’ General Admission: $10 VIP: $50 Click here for more information and tickets.


Press Release:

Sirius Team Announces Age & Sex of Atacama Humanoid Determined

The team behind the forthcoming documentary “Sirius,” which features the work of Dr. Steven Greer and his effort to drive disclosure regarding UFO’s, ET’s and their technology, today announces additional conclusive DNA & scientific analysis findings: The ‘Atacama Humanoid’ featured in “Sirius” was male and survived post-birth for 6 to 8 years. Click here to keep reading…


Second Theater Confirmed for LA Premiere

Thanks to everyone’s enthusiastic response, tickets for the main theater for the World Premiere on April 22nd are sold out. However, we have confirmed a second theater in the same complex. Limited seating available, so get them fast! Click here for tickets.


Press Release:

Controversial UFO “Sirius” Documentary to be released theatrically April 24

“Sirius” from Emmy Award winning director Amardeep Kaleka (“Neverending Light”), producer J.D. Seraphine and narrated by actor Thomas Jane (“Hung”) will have a gala celebrity premiere on April 22 in Hollywood followed by a limited national theatrical release on April 24. Click here to keep reading…


New “Sirius” Trailer Released

March 28, 2013 World Premiere in LA on April 22, 2013. _______________________________________________________________

The “Sirius” Film World Premiere 

Date: Monday, April 22, 2013 (Earth Day) Time: 7:30 pm (PST) Venue: Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Premiere House Theater, Los Angeles, CA

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Photos from SIRIUS reception in Park City, UT

Photos of Dr. Greer and Actor Thomas Jane here!

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Showing of the most recent trailer for SIRIUS

Dr. Greer and Actor Thomas Jane – Cisero’s – January 23, 2013 – 5pm – 7 pm Park City , UT – during the Sundance Film Festival On Wednesday January 23, 2013 Sirius Technology and Research (STAR) will be holding a reception in Park City, UT while the Sundance Film Festival is going on.  We will be showing a trailer of the Sirius film and media and attendees will be able to meet Dr. Greer, the force behind the film and whose work is its inspiration and famous actor, Thomas Jane, who has done the voice over for Sirius.  If you or anyone you know is in Park City at that time – come to Cisero’s and join us! ________________________________________________________________

New Sirius Trailer

Click here to see the trailer that will be shown at Cisero’s or go to to see it. ________________________________________________________________

Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer - 

Dr. Steven Greer with guest Steven Sadleir on “The Science of Consciousness” Listen here - January 25, 2013 11 am pacific/ 2pm eastern 6 pm pacific/ 9 pm eastern Steven Greer and Steven Sadleir both understand that the science of the new era is the science of consciousness. Enjoy a riveting discussion as how they each use this knowledge in their chosen fields. ________________________________________________________________

Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer

Friday January 11, 2013

11a.m pacific/2 pm eastern & 6 pm pacific/9 pm eastern

Dr. Steven Greer and Paola Leopizzi Harris

Ms. Harris has just returned from a trip to Europe and discusses new developments in Disclosure vis a vis opportunities thru the European Union. Dr. Greer and Ms. Harris have been working on Disclosure together for years. Enjoy a discussion about current and past efforts the public knows little about. An inside story.  ( ________________________________________________________________

Details of Information provided to SIRIUS filmmakers

We have been writing at some length about the research around the little 6 “  Being shown above. We are still awaiting results. The preeminent scientist who is doing the DNA testing has been keeping us informed of his progress and is now setting up his lab for the testing. It is important for you to know how Dr. Greer’s mind works and why his evidence about the Extraterrestrial issue is so extraordinary.   The work around this Being is an example. Years ago, Dr. Greer met with the principles at the Institute that has possession of this little Being.  They spoke at length and described how it was found in the Atacama desert in South America and how people near where the Being was found spoke about seeing these Beings and egg shaped ET craft. Dr. Greer put that information together with the testimony of Jonathan Weygandt who as a Marine was in that area at the site of a downed egg shaped ET craft.   Both the film interview with Weygandt and his transcribed testimony have been provided to the filmmakers. Weygandt’s testimony is fascinating because not only was he right next to this craft that he describes as “shaped something between an egg and a teardrop”, “dynamic” and “really organic”, but he felt the occupants of the craft were trying to communicate with him.  Extraordinary! And from a Marine! (You can read his testimony in “Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History”. (click here for the book.) It is Dr. Greer’s genius that he is able to put together credible testimony from disparate sources to create a more complete picture of the reality of ETs visiting planet earth. This complexity of information is what the STAR team is hoping to share with you in this film. _______________________________________________________________

Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer

The Transformative power of ET Contact

Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Bill Gray

Friday December 28, 2012

11am pacific/2 pm eastern and 6 pm pacific/9 pm eastern

 These two MDs have had transformative experiences as they pursue interaction with Extraterrestrial civilizations. Listen to this intense discussion as they share their very personal experiences during CE-5 Expeditions and beyond.


More information for the Sirius Documentary

We would like to share with you some more of the wealth of material given to NEL regarding Dr. Greer’s early work contacting leaders of society regarding the UFO issue. In March 2012 there was a flurry of interest in the release of some of Senator Barry Goldwater’s correspondence regarding the UFO issue.  Among the letters was one from Dr. Greer to Senator Barry Goldwater dated January 11, 1994 inviting the Senator to a briefing in Los Angeles.  It is well known that Senator Goldwater tried to gain access to the “blue room” at Wright Patterson Air Force base by speaking with his good friend, General Curtis LeMay.  As Dr. Greer told it to the NEL cameraman while being filmed…..Curtis LeMay not only told Senator Goldwater that he could not get into that area, but that – in no uncertain terms – LeMay would have Goldwater court martialled if he even asked again! Also shared with NEL was a letter dated January 18, 1994 from  Senator Goldwater on his letterhead to Dr. Greer in which Goldwater  thanks Greer for visiting with him at his home. Goldwater would not be able to attend the Los Angeles meeting and tells Dr. Greer ” We both (he and his wife) regret this, because of our personal interest in the subject you are so vitally connected with.  Anytime you feel I can help, call.” This is an inkling of the breadth and depth of those whom the Disclosure Project has reached to brief and reached  to learn from.  We hope showing the caliber of people such as Senator Goldwater who have responded with interest and information will help convince the public that this subject needs to be explored in a substantive manner.   This shows that the UFO subject is important to our future and is only made scary or silly as a way to keep people away from a truth that needs to be examined. We so much value and appreciate your support in helping us bring this information out. Thank you The Sirius Team